Highest quality from Japan

Japanese lure fishing tackle has been developing by independent way, inspired by USA. ADUSTA achieve highest quality by reflecting highest skill of real hand-made lure production. ADUSTA release fishing tackle which has not existed in the world, for anglers all over the world.


Original design

In highly competitive Japanese Handmade lure market based on its beauty and facility by highest skill. ADUSTA aim this pinnacle technology and achive glamorous formative art and functionality never existed in other products.


Beautiful Coloring

Japanese Lure has been developing as saying highest level in the world. ADUSTA has adopted this highest and newest coloring skill for products. The color gradation change slightly under the sun light. It sounds like breathing of creatures.


The ability to follow a market needs.Product Development. 

ADUSTA release the products which can suit on each market, based on the information of fishing market all over the world.ADUSTA create new and best matching products for each market according to the information from core angler’s actual fishing result. With severe field test and developing by well-educated field staff, ADUSA supply fishing tackle which surely catches target fish without compromise.


Social contribution by ADUSTA products.Fun of Fishing for more people. 

ADUSTA would support Fishing competition and Fishing demonstration in each market, and enlarge new generation anglers as one of outdoor life.


Production with concening for nature.

ADUSTA products have made from environment freindly material.

ADUSTA try to keep field where all angler can enjoy in nature.